Friday, November 14, 2014

Battle Report: Tau vs Necron, Patrol Sweep

My first battle of the campaign (finally) happened today. Our mission: 1000 points, special FOC, reserves come in weird, certain things have to start on the board, and Kill Points.

I was the attacker, and got the top deployment zone and first turn. I deployed Illuminor Szeras behind the ruins on the right, my C'tan behind the rocks in the middle, a lone scarab by the tank traps on the right, one unit of wraiths on the left flank, and one just to the left of the ruins on the right.

My opponent deployed a Y'Vahra suit and Pathfinder squad on either side of the hill.

Necron Turn 1 End
Using my C'tan's Grand Illusion ability, I put the wraith squads together on the left flank, and brought my Monolith out of reserves. Not much action, just things moving forward, but the monolith's Particle Whip managed to scatter onto some poor Pathfinders and almost wipe them out.

Tau Turn 1 End
The Y'Vahras lept ahead, one starting to put some Haywire hurt on my Monolith and knocking out Szeras (who failed his repair roll) before jumping back into cover, and the other learning about Wraith's invulnerable save.

Necron Turn 2 End
Monolith lets out some Immortals who manage to whiff on the Y'Vahra, while the Wraiths take out the other Y'Vahra, only losing one member to overwatch.

Tau Turn 2 End
The other two regular Riptides deep strike in, but don't manage to do much against the Wraiths and C'tan. The Y'Vahra, however, one-shots the Immortals.

Necron Turn 3 End
The Monolith disgorges two Spyders, who get into it with one Riptide, along with the Scarabs. The C'tan engages the Y'Vahra. The two Wraith squads split up, one taking out the Pathfinders, while the others get locked in with the Riptide.

Tau Turn 3 End
Spyders smash up one Riptide, while the other still struggles with the Wraiths. The cowardly Y'Vahra jumps out of combat and into ongoing reserves.

Necron Turn 4 End
Spyders reinforce the Scarab while everyone moves towards the last Riptide on the board, which the Wraiths haven't managed to finish off yet.

Tau Turn 4 End
Y'Vahra rejoins the fight, taking out the Monolith and one of the Spyders. The Wraiths finally kill the Riptide by sweeping advance.

Turn 5 End
Scarabs, Spyder, and C'tan go for the Y'vahra, neither side doing much damage before it leaps away again. The Wraiths head for the sole Pathfinder survivor of the first turn Whip.

Turn 6 End
The Y'Vahra arrives again, taking out one of the Wraith squads. There is no turn 7, and the game ends in a 4-4 Tie.

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