Friday, November 14, 2014

Battle Report: Tau vs Necron, Patrol Sweep

My first battle of the campaign (finally) happened today. Our mission: 1000 points, special FOC, reserves come in weird, certain things have to start on the board, and Kill Points.

I was the attacker, and got the top deployment zone and first turn. I deployed Illuminor Szeras behind the ruins on the right, my C'tan behind the rocks in the middle, a lone scarab by the tank traps on the right, one unit of wraiths on the left flank, and one just to the left of the ruins on the right.

My opponent deployed a Y'Vahra suit and Pathfinder squad on either side of the hill.

Necron Turn 1 End
Using my C'tan's Grand Illusion ability, I put the wraith squads together on the left flank, and brought my Monolith out of reserves. Not much action, just things moving forward, but the monolith's Particle Whip managed to scatter onto some poor Pathfinders and almost wipe them out.

Tau Turn 1 End
The Y'Vahras lept ahead, one starting to put some Haywire hurt on my Monolith and knocking out Szeras (who failed his repair roll) before jumping back into cover, and the other learning about Wraith's invulnerable save.

Necron Turn 2 End
Monolith lets out some Immortals who manage to whiff on the Y'Vahra, while the Wraiths take out the other Y'Vahra, only losing one member to overwatch.

Tau Turn 2 End
The other two regular Riptides deep strike in, but don't manage to do much against the Wraiths and C'tan. The Y'Vahra, however, one-shots the Immortals.

Necron Turn 3 End
The Monolith disgorges two Spyders, who get into it with one Riptide, along with the Scarabs. The C'tan engages the Y'Vahra. The two Wraith squads split up, one taking out the Pathfinders, while the others get locked in with the Riptide.

Tau Turn 3 End
Spyders smash up one Riptide, while the other still struggles with the Wraiths. The cowardly Y'Vahra jumps out of combat and into ongoing reserves.

Necron Turn 4 End
Spyders reinforce the Scarab while everyone moves towards the last Riptide on the board, which the Wraiths haven't managed to finish off yet.

Tau Turn 4 End
Y'Vahra rejoins the fight, taking out the Monolith and one of the Spyders. The Wraiths finally kill the Riptide by sweeping advance.

Turn 5 End
Scarabs, Spyder, and C'tan go for the Y'vahra, neither side doing much damage before it leaps away again. The Wraiths head for the sole Pathfinder survivor of the first turn Whip.

Turn 6 End
The Y'Vahra arrives again, taking out one of the Wraith squads. There is no turn 7, and the game ends in a 4-4 Tie.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Campaign Log! A CLOG!

So! A couple internet friends and I are doing a Warhammer 40k campaign, using some slightly modified Crusade of Fire rules, and a big list of missions from, well, all of the books. I've invited them to post their battle reports here, as well.

For now, here are some maps and rules and stuff!
There are three players, so we have shrunk down the Crusade of Fire planet system thing. Phase one of the campaign takes place on Delta Novus 2, Phase 2 on Yemaya, and Phase 3 on Necho.

The terrain is just a suggestion, but those blue things are objectives that provide an in-game bonus and a campaign-wide bonus to their controller. For example, the factory-looking thing is a Manufactorum, and its owner gets a free "Conquest Point" each turn, as well as an additional Elite, Fast Attack, or Heavy choice in any battles there.

Our teams are Tau, Grey Knights, and Necrons (Me). At the beginning of turn we marked our territory and decided who to invade.

The Tau placed first, and snatched up the local objectives. Grey Knights were second, and got the fourth, and Necrons were left in last. Of course, I went after the Tau's Command Bastion, the Grey Knights after the Tau Manufactorum, and the Tau attempted an off-planet invasion of the Grey Knight Power Station.

Our table for missions is pretty big, and which one you roll on depends on whether the attacker or defender has advantage (decided randomly), if it is a Planetstrike, or if it is to remove your last flag on a planet (Last Stand).

In the Necron/Tau battle, advantage went to the Necrons, and the Mission is a "Patrol Sweep"
In the Grey Knight/Tau battle, advantage went to the Grey Knights, and the Mission is "Rebuffed Raiders"
In the Tau/Grey Knight battle, it is a Planetstrike from the Tau, and the Mission is "Planetfall"

Stay tuned for more exciting battle results!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Catching Up

February Complete

March Oath

March Complete

April Oath

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May Oath

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June Oath

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July Oath

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August Oath

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September Oath

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Oath

I, Dagon, oath one MSA-003 NEMO (Bandai, 1/144), one Z-Class ship (Tamiya, 1/700), and one Hassassin Farzan (Infinity, 28mm)

(ssh don't tell anyone i'm painting the boat like a pool toy and going to have the gundam hanging on to it in a pool of water-effect resin)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Theme

Well oi finds out what that glow wuz - sum crazy spell-slinga who wuz tryin’ ta blast me wit sum kinda green fi-yah!

Oi slashes at ‘im wit my sord, but he’s dukkin an’ divin’, flingin’ dat green stuff at me! Oi get burnt a bit but oi gets a lucky stab wit da sord and da git goes down! ‘is glow stops but oi see ‘e’s got sum sorta jewil or summat. Oi pick dat up and sum’ow oi get dese voisis in me ‘ead! Oi chat to ‘em a bit but oi tells ‘em to shuddup an’ tell me wut ta do wit dis gem.

Evenchalli oi figger it out an’ da green fiyah is commin’ outs me fingahs when oi like! Now oi can light me cigar whenevah oi like! 

This month’s theme: Object-Source Lighting! Otherwise known as ‘OSL’, object-source lighting replicates the light cast onto surrounding areas from a light source such as a torch, a screen, a power cell, etc. Think of glowing eyes, a plasma gun, flickering torch, candle, fireball, the inner fire of a demon (Balrog!), and other such things. This is a fun effect to do, watching the glow build up as you work on it. For a tutorial, check out this post or this video!